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Nursing Clinic for Pets

We offer nurse clinics for cats and dogs in Alfreton & Chesterfield. Book today

We are a training practice with a proud history of supporting and nurturing many excellent Veterinary Nurses over the years. Our student nurses work long hours, attend Bottle Green Training College and study hard for up to three years to finally achieve their well-deserved RVN qualification.

Pet Health Counselling and Nursing Clinics

Our RVNs are fully qualified and have also undertaken further training to become Pet Health Councillors - they can impart a wealth of information and are more than happy to discuss nutrition and feeding advice, including helping you with weight management programs for your pet. Weight management is so important as pet obesity is such a worrying problem and can lead to many additional health problems for your lovely animals. If you are worried your pet may be carrying a few extra pounds Its something we can help with - your furry friend will feel so much happier and healthier if they are the correct weight, our nurses will organise a program for them to lose the extra weight safely and support you all the way.

New puppy or kitten talks: Owning a new fur baby can be daunting so it will be really helpful for you to have a puppy or kitten talk with the nurse. We love to see them and give them lots of cuddles and treats and chat to you about how they are getting on.  Its so important for your little ones to have positive experiences when they come in to see us. We offer free nurse consultations every month for puppies and kittens, this means we can help you keep them happy and healthy and get them used to the Veterinary environment early on.

Minor procedures: Nurses are also happy to perform minor procedures such as nail clipping - but remember its really important to help your pet get used to gentle foot handling before the procedure is attempted - many animals dislike having their sensitive feet touched and may get stressed with nail clipping procedures, so it is always best to get them used to it gradually with lots of praise and positive rewards. If your pet is already very anxious about nail clipping, we prefer to try desensitisation methods as discussed earlier, in some cases perhaps mild pharmaceuticals may be prescribed by the Veterinary Surgeon rather than forcing pets into stressful situations, please talk to us about it.

Our Nurses can help you with.

  • Ear inspection and cleaning.
  • Wound management and dressing changes.
  • Blood and urine tests - Nurses can run routine health checks including blood and urine tests.
  • Post op care - provide general wellbeing checks after treatments or surgery, checking on your pet’s progress.
  • Diabetes clinics - nurses can offer support, advice and help you monitor your pet after a diabetes diagnosis.
  • Healthy Pet checks - for preventative healthcare advice for kittens, puppies, dogs, cats and rabbits and small furies.
  • Happy visits - bring your pets in just for a treat or a cuddle to get them used to the vets in a positive way.
  • Parasites - we offer advice about the latest treatments and discuss how to keep in control of fleas, worms and other parasites.
  • Nutrition and feeding advice - We have trained Pet Health Councillors to offer feeding and weight management advice to keep your pet trim and healthy.
  • Puppy and kitten talks - Nurses offer Puppy and Kitten discussions for health checks and advice - also just for cuddles so they get used to being at the vets for nice things.
  • Breed advice and choosing a new pet - we offer general pet care advice on many different dog and cat breeds and different species, so you are well informed and prepared to care for their individual needs.
  • Administering Medicines or flea/worm treatments- help you to give your pets their medicines, tablets or injections, especially if you find it difficult to do yourself.
  • Dental Care - Our nurses will assess your pets’ teeth and show you how to brush them - they can offer the latest advice on treatments and preventative care for a healthier mouth - helping avoid costly dental procedures and serious health issues.
  • Small Animal Care - species specific pet care advice for smaller animals such as rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs and other small furry animals - we also run a dedicated rabbit clinic for advice about their specific needs.
  • Desensitisation - nurses can help nervous, anxious patients get used to being at the vets or having a procedure they have been unhappy with - allowing them to gradually get used to things with lots of positivity, rewards and gentle handling.
  • Senior Pet checks - Nurses can offer pet care advice and conduct health assessment checks for your senior pets including blood and urine analysis and blood pressure checks. We can help you improve their overall health and fitness.
  • Physio and laser therapy - the nurses run these specialised clinics for chronic pain management or treatment of injury. We can use our K-Laser to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing for many different conditions.
  • Nail Clipping - for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs - we strongly recommend pets get used to gentle foot handling early on in life, using positive reinforcement techniques (praise and rewards after gentle foot handling, used to the look of clippers and having them near to their feet then gently touching their nails) to prepare them for future nail clip procedures.

To attend or book a clinic please do give us a call.

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