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Rabbit Friendly Service

                       The Charlesworth Veterinary Surgery Rabbit page - We strive to offer a 'Rabbit Friendly' environment and up-to-date healthcare for your bunny friends.

  • A quiet area in the waiting room, away from noisier patients, covers for carriers and calming sprays to aid stress relief.
  • Calm, knowledgeable handling in the quiet consult rooms.
  • We have highly trained, 'Rabbit Savvy' vets and nurses, they have completed the latest CPD education programs with respected rabbit experts, in order to keep up-to-date with the latest advice for our bunny friends.
  • We run a nurse clinic dedicated to bunnies, the nursing team offer correct advice on feeding, housing, neutering, pair-bonding, health care, vaccination, behaviour etc. We ensure all visitors have a health exam and and a rabbit pack with loads of info and advice. These checks are free of charge - they enable us get to know your lovely pets and are extremely beneficial for your rabbit's good health and welfare.
  • Dedicated 'Rabbit Room' away from other species, a large floor kennel for our longer stay patients, so they have room to bunny about with their bonded friend. We try to only schedule one elective rabbit surgery a day, this ensures they receive the time and attention they deserve. If your bunny needs to stay in overnight our in-patient care team will monitor them carefully.
  • Safe and modern rabbit anaesthesia techniques - we also have the V-Gel supraglottic airway device system, this allows us to very quickly establish and maintain a clear airway and stable anaesthetic for our rabbit patients, as intubation can be difficult in this species.
  • Dedicated nursing team - we have highly trained nurses with strong interests in rabbit welfare and an excellent understanding of the needs of these complex little characters - they lovingly provide the dedicated nursing care rabbits require when they are injured, ill or recovering from surgery.