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Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

Preparing Your Pet For Surgery

Cats and Dogs

Do withhold food for at least 8 hours prior to admission if requested to do so.
Please keep your cat indoors during the night!

Do allow free access to water until your pet is admitted.

Do allow your pet the opportunity to go to the toilet on the morning of admission prior to your appointment.

Do ensure your cat has a suitable, secure carrier. We recommend letting your cat get used to their carriers before they are needed as this will greatly limit their  stress when they visit the vets. Please check this link for more info

Do pick up some pheromone spray in advance to use on carriers, bedding or toys they bring, this may ease their worries and soothe them..

Do let us know more about their personalities, their normal routines and eating habits, this will help us care for them individually.

black white rabbitExotics, Birds and Small Mammals

Do not withhold food or water (for any period prior to admission). Please do feed them as normal up until you bring them in.

Do let the vet or veterinary nurse know what your pet normally eats and bring a small bag with you if possible. Fresh greens or herbs such as parsley are best for rabbits and are good to tempt them to eat during recovery.

If your small furry is bonded with another, please also bring them along if you can manage to; they may get very upset if separated and its so important to limit stress in these situations.

Do bring their normal cage if appropriate for small birds and little animals such as rats, mice and hamsters.