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Pet Health Plan

Our Pet Health Plan

happy family with petsPreventative health care for your pet, peace of mind for you and keep the costs down with up to 20% savings on normal vets fees. Better for you and better for your Pets. A perfect solution is our Pet Health Plan.

The Pet Health Plan is an optional, but recommended, service. It covers the predictable preventative health needs of your pet and help you spread the cost of providing the best preventative care. As an additional incentive, membership of the scheme saves you about 20% of the cost of buying the benefits compared to a pay as you go basis.

Membership of the scheme brings:-
orange savings star1. Free vaccination boosters (50% discount on vaccination courses)
2. TWO free health checks per year
3. All your pet's flea and worm treatments for the year free
4. 10% discounts on:-
 - castration and spay operations
 - food and accessories purchased from the practice
 - rabies and kennel cough vaccinations and pet passport documentation
 - dental procedures
 - home visits

Health Checks - Free vaccination boosters - Flea & Worming for year - SAVE money - Join our Pet Plan  !