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Pet Admissions                                                                                  

Upon arrival, please book your pet in at the reception desk. We accept admissions between 8.00am and 10.30am on the day of your pet's procedure/surgery although we prefer appointments to be made before 9.30 where possible. If you have already been issued with a consent form please bring it with you.

If you have lost your consent form you can download consent forms here or we will print you a new one off when you arrive.

vet surgeon inspecting kitten mouthIn most cases you will see a veterinary surgeon before your pet is admitted. Depending on procedure, a pre-medication injection or two will be given whilst you are there.

For most dogs being admitted for general anaesthesia we ask you to wait with them for 10-20 minutes after pre-medication to allow it to take effect, hopefully this will help them feel less anxious about you leaving them.

For dogs that get very excited or aggressive in the waiting room then it is often best to admit them straight away. Also, if you are pressed for time we can admit your dog straight after you have seen the vet.

Patients other than dogs are generally admitted immediately after the pre-medication consultation.

If you haven't already been given an estimate and require one then please ask the vet during the admit appointment and ask any other questions you may have.