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Out of hours and Emergencies

Our Out of Hours and Emergency care service

We provide our own 24 hour Emergency cover and Out of Hours servicepuppies with red phone

You can have the confidence you will be seen by a vet working for this practice who has access to your pet's records at the time of the consultation and that you will not have to drive miles to an unfamiliar practice with a sick animal.

It is better for all emergencies to be seen at the Clay Cross practice rather than at your home because at the practice we have all our facilities and drugs to hand. Realistically, there is very little we can do at your home in the event of an emergency, as well as it taking longer for treatment to arrive, as we always have to come to the surgery first to collect drugs and equipment.

We do not see Emergencies and Out of Hours at South Normanton and no animals are kept at South Normanton overnight.

In the event of an emergency phone the usual number:- 01246 862266

Many practices including some local practices send their clients to third party emergency services. People in this area who are registered with certain other practices are required to travel to either Sheffield or Derby in the event of an emergency.

green crossThe provision of an out of hours service by the practice is an expensive facility for you and us. It costs the practice in excess of £26,000 per annum to staff the emergency service and it earns the practice less than half that sum in gross fees ie before VAT has been deducted. In essence this is a loss making part of the practice. We currently accept this financial loss to the practice and the loss of our free time when on duty, because we believe it to be in the best interests of our patients to be able to be seen by us in the event of an emergency.

Vaccinations and Out of Hours
vet surgeon inspecting a kitten mouth
As a thank you for supporting the practice and protecting your pet in the good times as well as the bad,all animals vaccinated at this surgery now receive a 10% discount on out of hours emergency vet call out fees compared to our normal registered client price. This discount is valid for 15 months from vaccination

A better way to fund out of hours emergency care
Have your pet's emergency out of hours treatment provided at the same price as normal hours treatment for a cost of only £32.40 per pet per year. (£5.00 discount if you have paid a full price out of hours call in the past 3 months) or £2.50 per month if you are a member of the Pet Health Plan

The Small Print.
The yearly payment must be paid in advance can't wait for an emergency and then join... and would be subject to a fair usage rule at our discretion. If you had 20 genuine emergencies a year you would be covered but we would reserve the right to charge the standard out of hours rate for call outs we considered to be obviously non-urgent (we would be able to tell you over the phone before calling us out if your problem was obviously not urgent so this would only apply if you still insisted on being seen out of hours).