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Dental Care advice

Advice on what YOU can do to keep your Pets teeth and gums in a healthy condition.

dog toothbrushBad breath, chipped or broken teeth, red, swollen or bleeding gums in pets could be a sign of teeth or gum problem. Dental disease is common in our patients particularly gum disease. Make dental care part of your pet's day, every day.

Simply checking your pet's mouth can highlight a problem. Cleaning teeth can help ensure that your dog or cat lives a happy and healthy life.

NEVER brush your pet's teeth with human toothpaste. A good brand of pet toothpaste will be flavoured so making it easier for you to get their co-operation and clean their teeth and gums effectively. Pet toothpaste can be swallowed during cleaning without harming you pet.

There are many products on the market that claim to help your pet's teeth and some may be of some benefit but nothing comes close to the effectiveness of daily tooth brushing. The best time to start tooth brushing is in young animals but even older pets can learn to have the teeth cleaned. If you need further help or advice please book in to see one of our nurses for a free dental clinic.