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The Charlesworth Veterinary Surgery was established in Clay Cross in 1979 and has been caring for the pets of Chesterfield, Clay Cross, Alfreton and surrounding areas ever since. We are a happy, friendly team with a wealth of experience, working closely together every day to provide excellent, compassionate veterinary care for your animal companions. New Pet Checks are free of charge so do come in and see us.

  • Our Pet Health Plan is a highly recommended service.
  • Nursing Clinics provide health checks and helpful pet care guidance.
  • We can offer Physiotherapy, Laser therapy and cutting edge Arthritis Management programs
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Opening Times

Clay Cross Surgery

Covid-19  - Surgery Opening Times

Please Call the surgery in ALL circumstances before visiting - we are no longer able to admit you with your pet for the time being - please call us when you arrive and our team will advise you - many thanks


Clay Cross 8.30am-6.30pm Saturday 9am - 12pm


Clay Cross 9.00am - noon


Clay Cross Closed

When the surgery is closed the VetsNow team will handle all emergency calls - please phone the usual number and follow the advice - thank you


Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 6.30pm
Friday 8.30am - 6.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 12.00pm
Sunday Closed

South Normanton Surgery

Covid-19 - Surgery Opening Times

Call the surgery in ALL circumstances before visiting - we are no longer able to admit you with your pet at this time - please phone us on arrival and our team will advise you - many thanks


South Normanton 9am - 6pm - (CLOSED BETWEEN 1PM AND 2PM FOR LUNCH)


South Normanton - Closed


South Normanton - 9am - 11am

When the surgery is closed, the team at VetsNow will handle all our emergency calls - please phone the usual number and follow the instructions - thank you


Monday to Friday 

9.00am - 1.00pm

2.00pm - 6.00pm 
Saturday    closed      closed    
Sunday 9.00am - 11.00am 

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VetsNow emergency care team are now in residence at the Clay Cross surgery

We are very pleased to let you know that from Monday 6th July, our out of hours emergency care team from VetsNow will be in residence at ...

Case Study: Milo with thorn in eye


If you have ever had something in your eye, you know how painful and irritating it can be Milo recently came home from a walk with a sore eye - this is his story.

Milo had been busily exploring the woods one evening as a spaniel loves to do :) but back at home his dad noticed his eye was sore with a black mark on it, he quickly booked him in to our South Normanton surgery where Peregrine examined him.milo-thorn-in-eye-face

Milo still seemed a happy dog but his eye was sore and watery, unfortunately a large thorn could clearly be seen buried deep in his eye. Ouch! This was very worrying - Peregrine gave him some pain relief and transferred him straight over to Clay Cross for emergency surgery. 

Under anaesthetic we could get a better look at the problem, the thorn was buried entirely in the cornea, a dogs cornea is typically about 0.6mm thick, if the thorn managed to penetrate through then serious complications could arise, also removal of a corneal foreign body is delicate surgery.

milo-thorn-in-eye-sizePeregrine carefully inserted two needles into the piece closest to the outside and used them to very slowly, ease it back out the way it went in, eventually managing to coax the thorn out of Milo's cornea.

milo-thorn-in-eyeHappily the thorn was out, but then unfortunately Peregrine could see a tiny tip had broken off and remained deep in the cornea - more delicate surgery was required to get the last fragment out - a few minutes and fractions of a millimetre later the tip was out and Milo's beautiful eye was intact, hooray! 

Milo recovered really well and went home on some eye drops and pain relief, he came back for a check up a few days later, happy and well, his eye was looking really good as you can see from his pics so a great outcome for this lovely boy after a worrying injury xx

If you are ever worried your pet may have an eye problem, please do bring them in to us without delay, eyes are very delicate structures and any problem could require urgent attention x

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